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Two great tastes that taste great together.

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Quincest: Two great tastes that taste great together.

Welcome! You’ve stumbled onto the small, more than slightly screwy corner of LJ where those of us who revere Ishida Ryuuken and Ishida Uryuu in all their snarky, blue and white glory gather. If you’re here, I doubt you need any more introduction than that.

Our Supreme Goddess ‘round these parts is onthefloor. Without her we wouldn’t exist. Bow, all ye insignificant mortals, and worship her august magnificence. Our Lady’s devoted, attendant slaves nymphs (otherwise known as your mods) are aizome and irrelevant.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

But seriously, we’re here to help and we only bite when asked nicely, so don’t hesitate to holler if you’ve got problems or questions. We’re a pretty open bunch (hey, this is Quincest), so we don’t take offense easily, but as we do want this community to run snag-free, we’ve got a few basic rules we request all prospective members and watchers take a look at before joining up.


1) STAY ON-TOPIC. This comm is for Quincest. Your post topics should reflect that, whether their subjects be fic, art, meta, discussion, or what have you.

2) NO INTRODUCTORY POSTS, PLEASE. If you feel the need to let us know you’ve joined, there’s an appropriate thread here. If you post to this comm, be prepared to bring something to the table, even if it’s just your ruminations on the pairing, a fic search, or an inquiry.

3) NO WANK OR PAIRING WARS. Love it or hate it, this is the Ryuuken/Uryuu comm. Do not come here to whine about how sick/wrong we are, or that Ryuuken is a ten carat bastard and Uryuu belongs to Ichigo, Orihime, Zael Apollo, etc. Members, please be polite to one another. We’re shooting for a friendly atmosphere, people.

4) LJ-CUTS. LEARN HOW TO. There is nothing, we repeat, nothing more annoying than opening one’s friends page, only to find it cleaved in to by an image-heavy post or untamed fic. If you post directly to the comm in lieu of providing a link, use a cut. Big posts that are not behind an LJ-cut will be deleted.

5) F-LOCK DOUJINSHI SCANS AND NC-17 RATED FIC & ART POSTS. We can probably all agree we want this comm to stay functional, correct? Well, LJ being what it is these days, let’s protect our asses. No, it’s not particularly convenient, but it is, unfortunately, necessary.

…and finally (and most importantly),

6) NO MINORS. This is an adult community. If you are under eighteen, kindly click back RTFN…or at least have the goodness to keep your trap shut about your age. DO NOT leave a comment to the effect of, “Well, I’m twelve, and the ‘rents would kill me if they found out I like yaoi, but I <333333333 quincest 4evah!1!11!!” You will be banned on the instant.

First violation gets you a warning. A second gets you temporary suspension. Three strikes and you’re out. Fairly simple, yes? Think you can handle it? Then welcome aboard, and we hope to see lots and lots of pretty fic, art and whatever other goodies you care to share.

User info generously penned by the awesome verbose-age that is irrelevant. Bow to her, srsly. <3